Buy right NOW any product from the USA without any hassle. We can order from any online store in America! Ximport is number 1 in Europe.

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Low costs and Fast delivery

Shopping in America is now much simpler and faster, only through Ximport Express

Buy any product from the USA online stores without any hassle. We take care of the entire process. You only had to choose the desired product, and we take care of the rest.

We offer transport from USA to Romania, Europe in record time. The shipments leave America at least once a week from our warehouse, and the delivery time in the internal warehouse in Iasi, Romania is 5-7 days. From Iasi, we send the orders all over Europe.

1. Search for the desired product

Search for the product in an online store in America. We can place the order on any web store.

2. You send us the link of the product

After you have found the desired products, send the order via order form, email or Whatsapp

3. You receive the price quote

Based on the weight and value of the order, we will send you the total price of the order delivered to your home.

4. We place your order

After we send you the invoice and you pay us 25% of the order total in advance, we will place the order for you.

USA order details

We offer the complete USA-Europe package transport service, the intermediation of the payment of customs duties and the purchase of products from American stores directly to your door.

Payment of the order

Payment through us is made in two installments. You will pay in advance 25% of the order total before placing the order, and you will pay the difference of 75% upon delivery after checking the products.

Checking order in our USA Warehouse

Do you have doubts about the store from which you ordered a product? We have the product verification service available once it arrives at our external warehouse in America.

Delivery in Europe

After the products arrive in our internal warehouse in Iasi (Romania), we will send your order through a local courier with the possibility of checking the contents upon delivery before the payment (COD - Cash on delivery).

The origin of the products

If you found the desired product in a store outside America, but which delivers to America, we can bring it. In America there are no import taxes!

Where do we order most often?

Through us you can place orders from any store in the US. Regardless of the product category, we can bring home any product you want.

We place DAILY orders on We can order any product from this site. Regardless of the value of the products or their quantity, orders can be placed on any day of the week.

Choose to shop on the largest online trading platform in the world that offers a varied selection of electronics and household appliances, shoes, clothes, accessories, jewelry or sports items. is a very well-known and popular website from America. It is well known all over the world as an exclusive site, with articles belonging to luxury brands.

One of the largest stores in America now available online, offers the latest in clothing and footwear trends with a diverse selection of brands including Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike, Michael Kors and Guess.

Walmart is a very affordable online store that offers a wide variety of products, such as clothing, small and large electronics, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, games or toys.

The perfect online store for tech enthusiasts, NewEgg offers a wide range of hardware and software products at the best prices.


What products should I order from America?

It is mainly profitable to import products that have a relatively low weight (1-3kg), but it is not excluded that for a product with medium or heavy weight the price will be advantageous compared to the stores in Europe.

Which products are NOT worth ordering?

By air transport, it is NOT profitable to import heavy (50-100kg) or large products. Large products, even if they are light, can be calculated in transport at volumetric weight, which is much higher than the physical weight of the product.

Are the products from America 100% original?

Even if the products from the American market are manufactured in China, Vietnam or Indonesia, they are 100% original and have a better quality than those manufactured for the European market.
If we have any suspicions about the store sent by you, we will certainly notify you.

What happens if I receive a wrong product?

Normally online stores in America do not make mistakes like this. If, after the delivery of the order, we find that the product is not what we ordered (wrong model, color or size, manufacturing defects, etc.) we take care of the entire return process and order the correct product again or return your initial payment.

Can I return the ordered product?

If you are not satisfied with the color or size chosen, or simply want to return the order, we also take care of returning them to the stores where we originally ordered them, depending on the return policy of each one. However, you will have to pay for the return shipping, for which we will find the best offer.

Orders and shipments from America

Order any product you want from the USA! We can order from any American online store. Weekly shipments, delivery in 5-6 days from USA to EUROPE.

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